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Francis Lost Touch With People [But Not With Oligarch Media]

“Super Ex” writes on Marco Tosatti’s blog that “the disconnect between elites and people at the political level has a counterpart in the Catholic Church: never before have pastors been farther away from the flock, unrelated to their needs and their feelings.”

As an example “Super Ex” cites Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi who lives in the world of Vanity Fair or Cardinal Pietro Parolin who performed at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting.

"Super Ex" asks what normal Catholics have in common with fashion shows or with Bilderberg. His answer, “Nothing.”

Another example for Super Ex is Pope Francis who has embarked in leftwing political activism with little results in countries like Argentina, USA, Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary who have a strong Catholic population.

Super Ex concludes that the more Bergoglio promotes illegal mass-immigration, the more the Catholics turn away from him.

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