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Two Archbishops Contradicting Each Other On Marx

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, Canada, remembered on the bicentennial of Karl Marx’s birth “the millions who suffered and died—and who are still suffering and dying because of Marxist ideology."

He called Marx on Twitter (May 5) a "prophet of violence and terror”.

On the contrary, Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx attempted to trivialise Karl Marx' legacy, saying in an interview with (May 5) that Karl Marx was “not a Church Father” [as if anybody had claimed this].

The cardinal does not want to absolve Karl Marx from the consequences of communism but neither does he want to hold him responsible "for everything that happened in the consequence of his theory, up to Stalin’s gulags.”

Picture: Karl Marx, #newsSyenlalpdy
Dr Bobus
Even with the various flaws of capitalism, nothing like the murderous regimes of Stalin, Mao's Great Leap Forward (backward?), or Pol Pot ever existed. They might have accounted for 200 million deaths.
All that to us is Anachronism was to mediaevals merely Eternity.
Holy Cannoli
It could have happened.