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The Cardinals Have Been Asked to Admonish Confused Francis

In an unprecedented move, 45 Catholic academics and clergy have signed an Appeal to the Cardinals, urging them to tell Pope Francis that he must teach the true Catholic doctrine concerning capital punishment.

The appeal follows an addition to the Catechism of the Catholic Church announced by Francis on August 2.

The confusingly worded addition has been understood to say that capital punishment is intrinsically immoral. Such a claim runs contrary to the Bible and the Church's teaching.

Catholics hold that the Pope has no right to invent new doctrines, or to contradict the Church's teaching.

The petition reminds the cardinals that they have a serious obligation to warn Francis to withdraw the offending paragraph, and that he must not "adulterate the word of God".

It does not insist that capital punishment must always be used in practice for the worst crimes, since this is a matter which Catholics may freely debate, rather it insists on the legitimacy of the death penalty in principle.

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Gesù è con noi mentioned this post in Eruditos católicos piden a los cardenales que reprendan la herejía de Francisco sobre la Pena de ….
Maybe he's worried that it might somewhere along the line be served upon himself!

This is not broadcast much - not many people think it's important. A request was made early in the 20th century for the Pope to Consecrate RUSSIA to the Immaculate heart of Mary. Although Rome say it was done - many people don't see how it could have been, since nobody ever bothers to mention the word "Russia" … More
Newman on capital punishment:
"The civil magistrate, stern of necessity in his function, and inexorable in his resolve, at her [the Church's] bidding gladly puts on a paternal countenance, and takes on him an office of mercy towards the victim of his wrath. He infuses the ministry of life into the ministry of death; he afflicts the body for the good of the soul, and converts the penalty of … More
Lisi Sterndorfer
“A true development, then, may be described as one which is conservative of the course of antecedent developments ... which illustrates, not obscures, corroborates, not corrects, the body of thought from which it proceeds.”
Al Sumo Pontífice, no hay necesidad de levantarle la voz ni ir contra su voluntad, puesto que su VOLUNTAD ES LA DE DIOS..., cualquiera que osara ir contra la voluntad del Papa, no sería un católico, sino un hereje cismático. Esto vale para aquel que hace de VICARIO DE CRISTO EN LA TIERRA, que confirma la misma doctrina, que la defiende, que habla en Nombre de Dios, que no está sujeto a las "… More
El bergoglianismo la IMPOSTURA del anticristo que nos advierte el Catecismo.
Gesù è con noi
‘El Papa NO es un monarca absoluto cuya voluntad tenga valor de LEY’…/papa-no-ningun-…
Vean como EDGARIUS idolatra tanto a Bergoglio que lo describe no como a un papa sino como a un TIRANO.

EDGARIUS hace 2 horas

A los cardenales se les pidió que reprendan a Francisco

Sr. Anacleto de la corrección de Pablo a Pedro han pasado casi 2000 años, ahora las cosas han cambiado … More
Joseph a' Christian
Admonish a blasphemer? They will have the same affect as admonishing a black shoe.
False Francis is death. - Our Christ Jesus Is Life.
De Profundis
“Many of us, myself included, signed this appeal not principally because we want capital punishment to be employed, but because the new wording is ... causing a critical level of doctrinal and moral confusion.”
Dr Bobus
Maybe it's time for the Roman Solution.
A group of 45 Catholic academic and clergy wanting Francis admonished is unprecedented? I don't know. I find myself saying, "No surprise - what is it THIS time?" He's like the space shuttle: Many said launches would become so commonplace no one would even pay attention anymore.
“Since the present Roman pontiff has now more than once publicly manifested his refusal to teach this doctrine … we hereby call upon Your Eminences to advise His Holiness that it is his duty to put an end to this scandal"
To insist doctrine doesn't matter is really a doctrine itself.
The difficulty of explaining "why I am a Catholic" is that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true.
Pope St Pius V had a few hanged after a fair trial.
Christ Jesus imposed Capital Punishment on Pedophiles in the clergy when He said: It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around "their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble." Luke 17:2
Sound of crickets, according to Rosica what matters now is the word of Frank, not the Word of God, and the teachings of His undoubted pastors.