"Gay-Marriage" - Priests Must Support or Stay Silent

Archbishop orders Minnesota priests to support or stay silent on anti-gay-marriage amendment

“There ought not be open dissension on this issue,” is the message the Catholic hierarchy is telling priests in Minnesota — “this issue” being same-sex marriage.

In a private speech to Minnesota’s priests last October, Archbishop John C. Nienstedt said that any priest who disagreed with the church’s efforts to place a constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples should remain silent.

Any disagreements should be brought to him personally, he said. The Catholic Church in Minnesota has been a driving force for the anti-same-sex-marriage amendment since it passed onto the 2012 ballot last May.

Nienstedt later sent the text of that speech to priests who were unable to participate in the gathering.

Someone in the church recently leaked the text to the Progressive Catholic Voice, a group working for reform within the church.

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James A Steel
I would have thought than any priest who was in disagreement with any teachings of the Church would certainly need to talk with his bishop about it, and meanwhile certainly not endanger the souls of the people.