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Modernist Archbishop "Excommunicates" Father Alessandro Minutella

Modernist and pro-gay Palermo Archbishop Corrado Lorefice, Italy, has excommunicated Catholic Father Alessandro Minutella for “the crimes of heresy and schism” on November 13.

Minutella has been persecuted by Lorefice since 2015. He said among other things that he stands up against “the imposture of the false Church” of Pope Francis.

Lorefice is known for aggressively promoting the modernist agenda while persecuting Catholics. In April 2016 he drove a bicycle in his cathedral while dressed with a chasuble. He refuses In to discipline the gay propagandist, Father Fabrizio Fiorentino, who wished death to Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco. Fiorentino poses on social media in tight clothes, bathing suit on expensive beaches and cigarettes in his mouth.

VIDEO: Father Minutella and the Pope Francis Regime
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Father Minutella should consider it an honor and a badge of moral courage and fortitude. Too bad he is a very small minority among the priesthood...Then again he's far more likely to be in Heaven, than the Bishop, whose skull will join the long lien of those who pave the road to hell.
Gesù è con noi
The pro-gay apostate Corrado Lorefice gave his 'blessing' to a pagan Hindu pseudo-marriage and also allowed the GAY desecration in the Church by the apostate priest promoter of sodomy: Cosimo Scordato.
Angie W.
The followers of Bergoglio have lost not only the Catholic faith but they have also lost their common sense. They allow Bergoglio to deny Christ in front of false religions. Who is placing himself at the center and replacing the worship due to God by encouraging the pagans to disobey God when asking them to send him ¨good vibes¨ if they doesn´t believe in God.

Bergoglians are so idolatrous that … More
Don't lose sleep over this "excommunication" Father. Satan's clergy are now so audacious they are demanding Christ's Shepherds to abandon their sheep.
The Church has been so busy listening, so for 50 years it has said Nothing.
De Profundis
You can criticise Church teachings, Christ, St Paul, the Gospels, the Roman Missal, the Mass, anything, but you cannot criticise the Pope. If you do that you're in big trouble, sunshine, and you could get excommunicated.
Don Minutella is a brave priest, a holy priest.