Italian Elections: Pope Francis and the Leftwing Parties Crushed

The Italian Partito Democratico (PD), the former Communist Party, whose government was in charge since March 2013, suffered a crushing defeat in yesterday’s general elections, receiving less than 20% of the votes. This party was in charge of the most anti-Catholic government in the history of the Italian republic.

The PD government promoted mass-immigration and introduced gay pseudo-marriage and euthanasia, nevertheless it had the unfailing support of Pope Francis.

When two million Catholics gathered in Rome in January 2016 to oppose the government which was about to introduce gay pseudo-marriage, Bergoglio totally ignored the protesters. He also kept mum when the leftwing government introduced euthanasia. Instead he enthusiastically encouraged the government’s pro mass-immigration stances.

One of Francis’ heroes in Italian politics is the diabolical Emma Bonino, a vocal ally of the PD. After his many attempts to interfere in Italian politics in favour of the leftwing, yesterday's election must also be seen as an Italian plebiscite against Francis.

Picture: © Mazur, BY-NC-SA, #newsDbegivdfzj
Thank God for small favors. Italians might be slow sometimes but they are not stupid.
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Thanks be to God for those who are not asleep.
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