Cardinal Schönborn Possessed by His Demons in the Cathedral

Photo ~ For about two years the bare breasted grotesque has defaced the Viennese Stephansdom and the memory of a Nun murdered by the National Socialists.

Cardinal Schönborn Possessed by His Demons in the Cathedral

On Saturday evening the Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn opened an exposition with the theme "The Cross in Sculpture" in his Cathedral museum.

On display are about sixty works from sixteen who hate the Church.

Among them is a satire of the cross, Blasphemers by Alfred Hrdlicka (+2009).

Hrdlicka considered himself to be an admirer of the Soviet murderer of peoples, Josef Stalin (+1953).

Cardinal Schönborn is enchanted by Hrdlicka's blasphemies.

Cardinal Praises the Grotesque

Even more striking the Cardinal mentioned a shameless 80,000 Euros which was paid in 2009 for the Hrdlicka ordered Demon Display which hangs in the Cathedral today.

The figure defaces a memorial of the Holy Nun, Sister Restituta Kafka (+1943).

She was murdered by the anti-Catholic National Socialists.

The bust in the Saint Stephen's Cathedral shows a black haired whore with bare breasts.


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Its to bad at how Schönborn has become so liberal. He used to be more conservative, but now he is really awful! I served Holy Mass with him years ago when he visited my university. To bad for his soul now. He needs prayers.
This kind of Sculpture is very very prevalent now a day's and is deeply rooted in Art that arose from the early 20th century. I know much about them, since I was a Sculptor who had to study such garbage. Art is only concerned with one thing. The elevation of the creations of man to a deified level that comes purly out of desires of human want and selfishness. It is truly sad and sick to see a Catholic Cardinal embrace these abominations!