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Francis Celebrates Marriage On The Airplane

Pope Francis married on January 18 a couple during his flight in Chile.

The spouses, Paula Podesta and Carlos Ciuffardi, both flight attendants, have been civilly married for years. A 2010 earthquake destroyed the church they allegedly planned to be married in.

Francis' partisan Fr Antonio Spadaro writes on "Twitter" that it was the "first ever papal airborne wedding ceremony" (whatever this means...).

#newsGmdtskruoc mentioned this post in Vicar General, “I Would Have Suspended A Priest Acting Like Pope Francis”.
An airplane is a "suitable place" (Canon 1118) for marriage, but a chapel of the SSPX is not?
Catholic apologist Patrick Coffin makes a good point that a barrage of bizarre wedding venue requests is sure to follow.
"The Pope asked Ciuffardi if Paula was still the boss, to which she replied "yes".
"And I'm still the boss," she added smiling."

Ding! There goes another piece of the true Gospel !

"Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord: "
Ephesians 5:22

He needs to be subject to the Lord. This is transgender theology!

As History proves, the more wives prefered to wear the trou… More
Jim Dorchak
@Dr Stuart Reiss You probably do not know but I am a submarine veteran of the USN. 4 years on a fast attack out of New London Ct. It was an experience to live on boats. Jim
"A small ceremony was started in the place, he asked us for the rings and he asked us if there was love in our marriage, if we wanted to continue together our entire lives," said Carlos Ciuffardi, cabin crewman and brand new husband of Paula Podest, cabin manager.

The Pope asked Ciuffardi if Paula was still the boss, to which she replied "yes".

"And I'm still the boss," she added smiling.
Joseph a' Christian
So the Church they were set to be married in was destroyed in 2010, by an earthquake. Perhaps they were finally on their way to a Church wedding in Chile this week, yet each Church they went to was burnt down by protesters. Then they met Bergoglio, the worst disaster for the Church yet.

Christ is King, and Giver Of Life.
Jim Dorchak
@DefendTruth Lets hope it is not an Argentinian Submarine! Man that would spell a double wammy,,,,,
People will do anything to be different ,Usually there is a 6 month marriage preparation ,was it done in this case ???
Sacramentally there is no problem. The HF has universal jurisdiction and in the Catholic understanding of a Sacramental marriage the couple are the ministers of the Sacrament (the deason/priest/bishop is the official witness - even if the witness is a layperson as is now allowed under canon law). That said liturgists will be horrified (all the symbolism of the rite of marriage set aside) … More
Next wedding in a submarine?
Exhibitionism on the part of His Holiness?