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Trump takes over Jerusalem!

God bless Mr Trump in crusade against islam. (facebook)
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we all see how it goes
In consequence, Joseph a' Christian Jerusalem which is a symbolic capital of the antitrinitarian manifest Nostra Aetate should not be left "status quo" but changed... The way is known to God. Please know that one sign before Parusia will be a conversion of Jews(St. Paul's letter to Romans) and appearance of the whore of Babylon in accordance with Scripture...
Yes tbswv this decision only benef… More
How does this move benefit the USA? Can a two-state solution be negotiated now? Probably not. Trump thinks this move will accelerate the peace process with the Palestinians. Really? It only benefits Israel. What are the benefits to American Foreign policy? It seems that Zionists always get what they want.
Joseph a' Christian
Many "jews" live according to the book of evil- the Talmud. Within their book, the rabbis have written that Jesus is in hell, boiling in feces. They also have written that Jesus' mother Mary was a prostitute.
This is an example why our Lord Jesus stated that Jews who refused to receive life and truth in Him, are sons of satan.

Muslims live by the book of evil- the Quran. The author of this book … More