Bishop Will Exorcise His City From an Army Helicopter

Buenaventura Bishop Rubén Darío Jaramillo Montoya, 52, Colombia, plans to sprinkle Holy Water from a National Navy helicopter on the port of his town, in order to remove violence and crime from it.

The news comes eight days after a ten-year-old girl was murdered with signs of torture.

"We want to sprinkle Holy Water to see if by exorcising, we take out those demons that are destroying the city's port, so that God's blessing removes the evil that invades our streets," the bishop said according to (June 9).

There have been 51 murders in the city between January and May, 20 more than in 2018.

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Colombians love crime and violence! Why the change now?
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Colombians were 98% Catholics before Vatican 2 obliged them to be no more officially Catholic. Mexicans were very Catholics before the government attacked them by banning Catholicism and now the bottomline is the crushing of the whole country. You're unfair to say so then. likes this.
we never know the Power of God how and how much it works and one more user like this. likes this.
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Maybe a firefighter tanker of holy water from the air, mass at every church and fasting and Rosary from every faithful at exact same time.
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It seems a little odd to have a, "Let's try this and see if it helps" kind of approach, doesn't It?
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It's a start. But fasting and prayer and obedience to Christ are needed as well...
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