Vatican Hides “Clerical Homosexual Networks” – Bishop Schneider

The main cause for abuses in the Church is the homosexual vice among clergy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told (February 5).

Schneider criticises the "silence" on the part of the Holy See and most bishops about this, adding that the abuse crisis has proven the existence of "real clerical homosexual networks" in the Church.

Therefore he warns to ordain homosexuals, “Even if they promise to live chastely, their homosexual tendency constitutes in itself a personality and identity disorder.”

Schneider adds that the "anti-Christian oligarchical media” exploited the abuses and blew it out of proportion.

Monsignor Athanasius Schneider will mean that Bergoglio and his accomplices hide homosexual predators. It is necessary to stop cowardice and begin to denounce each one by name if we are really willing to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
To set the record straight.
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