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Woman Claims Miraculous Healing After Visiting Marian Shrine

Nancy Foytik, a retired grandmother, was diagnosed with a dangerous cancer when she visited the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin, the only Church recognised apparition in the United States.

Foytik told Today (March 28) that the doctors expected her to die within two years.

At the shrine, Foytik “felt” a voice saying that she would be all right.

After the pilgrimage, a surgery was performed but found that the cancer had vanished. There is no medical explanation for this although spontaneous remissions of cancers are a known phenomenon.


Miracles are still happening everyday around the world that we dont know ,God said He will be with us until the end of times
I find it interesting that Megyn Kelly describes Foytik as a "lapsed Catholic" in the intro. and when asked at the beginning of this interview Foytik said, in fact, she was an "active Catholic" that didn't "pray to Mary...I went mostly to God." I think the explanation is that beforehand she was a protestant-like Catholic and then became (hopefully) a true Catholic.

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