Youth Synod: One Bishop Fell Out of Bed, Another Even Dared to Say the Truth

The shape of most bishops participating at the Youth Synod is "not ascetic but chubby", German Jesuit Father Clemens Blattert wrote in a humorous article on (October 17).

One bishop who is quartered in a Jesuit house in Rome told Blattert that in the night, during an attempt to turn around in his bed he fell out of it. As an add-on the bed then fell upon him while he was laying on the floor.

During a break, Blattert overheard a bishop stating that the Synod was “terrible, terrible, terrible”.

“Purgatory is nothing compared to it. I can’t believe how boring it is”, the bishop added.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRgbphseree
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I believe what really happens in history is this: the old man is always wrong; and the young people are always wrong about what is wrong with him. While the old man may stand by some stupid custom, the young man attacks it with some theory that turns out to be equally stupid.