Nuncio, Every Bishop Should Celebrate Traditional Mass

Archbishop Thomas Gullickson (67), the nuncio to Switzerland and former nuncio to the Ukraine, has offered the Traditional Latin Mass three times in 2017. He writes on his blog admontemmyrrhae.…
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All priests should be trained in offering the TLM and not just SSPX, FSSP etc. The pope should also decree the TLM to be the normal form and NOT the Extraordinary form of the liturgy. There would be a resurgence in Roman Catholicism.
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Jim Dorchak
It would be nice if he said; "Every Bishop should condemn A.L."
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It is the Holy Spirit working thru Archbishop Thomas Gullickson when he said, that celebrating the Traditional Mass had a “positive, warming and reassuring impact” on him. God bless Archbishop Gullickson.