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Papal Morning Mass - More Priests than Faithful

26 priests participated at Pope Francis' morning mass in Casa Santa Marta on Monday morning but almost no faithful.

A picture of the mass published on shows twenty people behind a wall of concelebrants, including the cameraman. Most of those present were sisters.

Pope Francis preached about the qualities of a bishop who should be a humble servant, not a prince, although despotism is one of the main features of the Bergoglio Church.

What a ugly, modernist place to have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass !!!!
Bergie the Blasphemer can do no other. What an evil, shameless hypocrite. Very much clerical, someone who banned US bishops voting on a newanti pederast policy. Remember how he commissioned a three volume book as Abp designed to malign the victims of his friend Grassi.
De Profundis
Blasphemy, "Francis noted that there is always confusion and disorder with the power of the Holy Spirit but we must not be afraid because it is a beautiful sign."
And they all look so happy to be in the presence of Pope make a mess!