Cardinal Schönborn Lies Into Camera About Female "Deacons"

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn told Austrian State TV (April 14) that a "2000-year-old tradition which even a Pope cannot put aside with a stroke of the pen" is the reason for the absence of a female priesthood in the Church.

Schönborn is wrong: Women cannot be ordained because of an antiquated "tradition" but because they constitute the wrong matter for the sacrament or ordination, as men constitute the wrong matter in order to give birth to children.

Nevertheless, Schönborn claims that the ordination of women is a question of “development” and "more time,” as if this would change the matter.

He expresses is wish to [invalidly] ordain women as deacons, and then go further.

He pronounces the manifest lie that women were ordained deacons in the first centuries. There can be no doubt that Schönborn knows that all recent and past studies have shown that the alleged female deacons of the first centuries received only a blessing for their service as social workers, never the sacrament of ordination.

Schönborn confirmed that the ordination of married men will be "discussed" at the October Amazon Synod.

He dodges the question whether Francis failed in his "reforms" with a random attack on Catholics,

“There is a group in the Church for which the Pope has already gone far too far." The anti-Catholic Schönborn identifies this group as the "very harsh critics" who belong to the "traditional side.”

Picture: Christoph Schönborn © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWmakhhobiy
Pro-gay people also doubt that men cannot give birth….…/Gay-transgender…
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...another candidate for 23 hours of silence per day rather than Martyr Cardinal Pell.
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And this is the Cardinal that wrote the YOUCAT.... what does this tell you?
Cardinal needs to retire and repent....after writing the Catechism he lost his faith.
I yearn for the day God serves his heavy hand of justice on the devils within our church!!!
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Thanks be to God for exposing all evil, betraying, corrupted high ranking hierarchies whose hands is holding book of Modernism and their tongues speak sweet vanity that cheating and lying to people. Divine justice is in work.
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