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Another German Bishop Condones Gay Pseudo-Marriages

Pallottine Father Siegfried Modenbach who is active in Dortmund, Germany, has blessed two gay-pseudo marriages in the past. (February 6) points out that archbishop Hans-Josef Becker of Paderborn knows about this scandal but has not taken action.

Now, Modenbach feels encouraged by recent scandalous statements of German bishops in favour of sacrilegious gay blessings.

Picture: Hans-Josef Becker, © Fotoarchiv Pressestelle Erzbistum Paderborn, CC BY-SA, #newsVjlyiovkhf
What astounds me is the catholic church is now dead the freemansons did it and NO ONE IS GOING AFTER THEM THIS I FIND astounding and deplorable. NOT ONE FREEMANSON IS prosecuted not one.
German leadership and nobility have caused more pain suffering and death for the German people over the last 100 years than any other country in the world. Its the leaders captains of industry nobility and now government and the church are all freemansons. Nothing but trouble. Germany has been wanting a one world Gov all the way back into the 1800. And a one world religion
These are ministers of evil - they follow the pathway Satan has gleefully led for their ruin.

Why is this man even garbed like a Minister of God? The same evil smirk graces his face as can be seen on every other false Priest who is a homosexual friendly candidate for Satan's realms

In the Name of Jesus Christ demand his resignation - and when Francis defends him, demand HIS resignation too! If … More