Casually Dressed Bishop Becomes Successor of Cardinal

Bishop Abel Gabuza, 63, of Kimberley, South Africa, was appointed by Pope Francis on December 9 as Durban coadjutor-archbishop and therefore as the successor of Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, 77.

Gabuza was ordained a priest in 1984 and a bishop in 2011. As bishop, Gabuza attended official meetings in casual dress.

The three pictures above are at the annual meeting with members of religious communities of Kimberley Diocese in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

If he shows disrespect to his office (a post V2 cliché), that earns him credit with Francis. Now to see about the other requirements of a FrancisBishop which are unbelief and sexual perversion ( or friendliness to it).
Annunced on Sunday, and no curriculum of the coadjutor provided in the bollettino. (Anyway, a "Justice & Peace", pastoral, successor for Cardinal Napier.)…/01998.html
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Don Reto Nay
He does not need to dress as a bishop. His embonpoint shows that he must be a bishop.
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Probably not even Catholic.
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