Even Liberals Call Youth Synod's Proposal “Really Stupid”

The semi-official Vatican blog IlSismografo (November 5) has called the Youth Synod’s proposal that young people manage “certification systems for catholic sites” in order to counter the spread anti-Church fake news, “really stupid”.

In our days – IlSismografo points out – this would be “the best way to sow distrust, suspicion and disaffection with regard to the churches [sic!] and the faith”.

The blog asks which criteria the youthful experts should apply in order to figure out whether a site is “catholic” or “not catholic”.

It suggests that the Vatican and the national episcopates, can overcome fake news only with one effective tool: by producing a good, timely, courageous, and truthful journalism. [But so far they have only proven to be able to produce boring or liberal propaganda].

IlSismografo concludes, “Everything else is just a way to blame others and never take responsibility.”

Picture: © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsKdolbydmme
All these bishops they had a big chance there ,to speak up and they didnt ,why ? are they afraid of carrying Jesus cross . ? do they prefer the luxury life without any worries ??
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Denunciation will later move to arrest and execution. Using the young is brilliant/diabolical!
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