Italian Bishop Puts Himself Above Gospel, Advertises Fixing Of Adultery Without Conversion

Mantua Bishop Marco Busca, 53, Italy, has publicly claimed that he can fix adultery without requiring from the adulterers to change their lives. In a November 30 pastoral letter he claimed:

"From today, those faithful who are divorced and remarried, or who, howsoever, live in a second, stable relationship, can undertake an ecclesial path of reconciliation, which, in some cases, may lead to the possibility of having again access to the sacrament of penance and to Eucharistic communion. The indications of the diocese for this journey are contained in a small document that is already available in all the parishes."

With this announcement, Busca put himself above the Gospel and the Catholic Church. He openly promotes perseverance in mortal sin, and thus has outed himself as a heretic.

St. Christopher shares this.
This is overtly evil and the bishop knows it. Italian bishops are from another church than the one founded by Jesus Christ.
what is wrong with this princes of the church ,repent or leave
Jim Dorchak
Let him try to tell Jesus that! Ha!
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