Do We Need to “Radically Reorient the Catholic Church”? – by Father Reto Nay

In his 2013 pre-conclave intervention, Cardinal Bergoglio did “radically reorient the Catholic Church” according to Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich. Writing for the America Magazine (December 29) Cupic…
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Dr Bobus
Radically reorient the Church? Yes--but according to the Holy Spirit not the Zeitgeist.
Starve them, starve the wolves in sheep's clothing
@Uncle Joe
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Uncle Joe
Did someone say 'radical'?

How about this for radical?
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Joseph a,Christian i agree with you
Their are no liberals or conservatives in the Catholic Church, their are only the faithful and the unfaithful.
We faithful repent when we sin, because we love and revere the Holy Word and His great sacrifice upon the Cross. Of this way, we do good works-bear fruit. The unfaithful are leeches upon the Church. They hate the Laws of Almighty God, they are cowards, using ambiguity and censorship to … More
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Jesus said " if you are not for us you are against us "
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