Bishop Believes He Must Be A Clown to be “Close to People”

San Cristóbal Bishop Mario del Valle Moronta Rodríguez is not only the vice president of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, he is also a clown.

According to (August 11) he practices this “art” allegedly “to get closer to his parishioners.”

The idea to become a clown crossed Moronta’s mind five years ago, after a children’s prayer during which, for undisclosed reasons, a clown appeared who, at the end, put his wig on the bishop’s head.

A year later, Moronta decided to be a clown himself, “With young people one must always try to be like them,” he believes. But young people are no clowns and should not be treated as such.

By being a clown, Moronta wants to show “that the bishop is not someone who is beyond the clouds” [as if anybody would still believe this].

Clowns are distractions from the seriousness of life. A Bishop clown is a symbol of what they have become.
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A clown was hired for a birthday party that our 4 year old grandson attended. When he got home he looked up at his mother and said, "I like clowns, right?"
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