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American Bishop Blames Others - He Should Blame Himself

Recently appointed Bishop William Shawn McKnight, 50, of Jefferson City, USA, has criticised the silence of those American bishops who knew about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's homosexual abuses.

Writing on (August 6), McKnight calls this “almost unbearable” and [allegedly] “inexplicable”,

“How could a brother bishop disrespect with such callousness the dignity of young boys, seminarians and priests over decades and no one called him on the carpet?”

The answer is simple: McCarrick was a powerful liberal, backed by the oligarchs' media who are the first policy-makers in the Catholic Church.

Only now that he is a helpless and useless old man without power, his friends and the media who over decades profited from him, are ready to throw him in the ditch.

Father Shawn McKnight himself would never have become a bishop if, in the past, he had criticised the corrupt liberal old boys club of the American bishops.

Picture: William Shawn McKnight, © Dan Bernskoetter, CC BY-SA, #newsLpujexkhdw
Just another Bishops who sees it's now safe to jump on the bandwagon. Maybe score some brownie points with conservatives. "How could this happen??!!" uhhh, how long have you been in the Catholic church???
De Profundis
Benedict XVI allowed McCarrick to drift into obscurity. But Francis brought him back by making his nephews Cardinals.