Francis’ Partisans Defend Cardinal Pell, Even His Enemies Admit Innocence

Pope Francis’ biographer Austin Ivereigh, 52, has defended Cardinal Pell and criticised his iniquitous conviction.

Ivereigh writes on Twitter (December 13) that he knows many [heterodox] Australian Catholics who “really dislike” Pell [because he is orthodox] but "none of them think this is a fair trial." And, "All of them think he has been scapegoated.”

Durban Cardinal Napier noticed that “Pell has been treated much like his Lord and Master, before the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate”.

Deacon Nick Donnelly explained on Twitter why Pell became the victim of this mock trial, "The Australian [oligarch] media have made him a hate figure for 30 years because he upheld Catholic moral teaching."

Picture: George Pell, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsXeeruinodp
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Maybe a stopped clock, but Austin Ivereigh is right. The conviction is utterly incredible. Hopefully reversed soon.
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alex j
As has often been said, "...A trial has more to do with the presentation and persuasion of the lawyers than on facts and/or truth." Perhaps, biases could be added to that.