American Sisters Sold Slaves to Pay for New School, Chapel

The Sisters of the Visitation who run the Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School in Washington D.C. which was founded in 1799, owned slaves according to their webpage.

In May 2016, the sisters hired the historian Dr. Susan Nalezyty to serve as full-time school archivist.

To date, the sisters have identified 107 slaves owned by them between 1800 and 1862.

In 1821, Mother Agnes Brent, the convent’s superior, sold a slave couple and their two children while the enslaved mother was days away from her third birth. The sisters needed the money to pay off debts and finance a new chapel and a school.

Mother Agnes wrote, “Nothing else to do than to dispose of the family of Negroes.”

The sisters also offered free Saturday classes for black girls at a time when it was illegal to teach slaves.

It is very hard to hear this, but remember, we're hearing this with ideas that have been formed after it was discovered that black people and women have souls.
DIFFAMATION & CALOMNIES against the first monastery of the Visitation in the United States and against their spiritual Father, Father de Clorivière, nephew of the Jesuit restorer in France ! The evidence in the comments, here : Des sœurs américaines ont vendu des esclaves pour payer leur école et leur chapelle
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