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Lesbian Barbara Johnson Says Father Marcel Guarnizo Denied Her Communion At Her Mother's Funeral

Photo ~ Father Marcel Guarnizo

Lesbian Barbara Johnson Says Father Marcel Guarnizo Denied Her Communion At Her Mother's Funeral

It all started on Saturday at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg (Maryland), where friends and family had gathered to say goodbye to Barbara's mother, who died last week after a brief illness.

Just a few minutes before the funeral began, Father Marcel Guarnizo, who was presiding over the service, apparently learned that Barbara was involved in a romantic relationship with another woman.

A lifelong Catholic and former Catholic school teacher, Barbara says she hadn't even considered that her sexual orientation would be a problem with Father Marcel until she stepped forward to take communion.

"He said, 'I can not give you communion because you live with a woman,'" Barbara says.

Though shaken by Father Marcel's actions, Barbara says she tried to compose herself to give her mother the dignified funeral she deserved. So a few minutes later, Barbara began her eulogy.

"At which time Father Marcel left the altar and didn't return until I finished my eulogy," Barbara says.



Updated: Wednesday, February 29

D.C. archdiocese: Denying Communion to lesbian at funeral was against ‘policy’

Archdiocese of Washington sends apology to lesbian who was denied communion

Late Tuesday, Johnson received a letter of apology from the Rev. Barry Knestout, one of the archdiocese’s highest-ranking administrators, who said the lack of “kindness” she and her family received “is a cause of great concern and personal regret to me.”

“I am sorry that what should have been a celebration of your mother’s life, in light of her faith in Jesus Christ, was overshadowed by a lack of pastoral sensitivity,” Knestout wrote.

“I hope that healing and reconciliation with the Church might be possible for you and any others who were affected by this experience. In the meantime, I will offer Mass for the happy repose of your mother’s soul. May God bring you and your family comfort in your grief and hope in the Resurrection.”

Johnson called the letter “comforting” and said she greatly appreciates the apology. But, she added, “I will not be satisfied” until Guarnizo is removed.


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Gloria.TV – News Briefs 이(가) 이 게시물을 Priest in lesbian communion-denial saga out at the Washington archdiocese 에 언급했습니다.
Lionel Andrades

Friday, March 16, 2012


Just as Fr. Marcel Guarnizo is put on administrative leave for political reasons the Archbishop of Washington gives the Eucharist to pro abortion politicians for political reasons.Also for political reasons Catholics do not want to discuss the dogma extra … 더보기
I have to comment on the Diocese saying that "it is against policy." hummm.... is this a business place or the Church?
And the greatest sin is disobedience to God. Those who are in disobedience cannot teach obedience since their sins accuses them, they cannot judge with the right judgment. Friends with the world are enemies of God. Says the Spirit of the Lord.
I am sure CNN had a field day. A priest is deflocked for doing what the Church teaches. Some people think that the Church belongs to them. they want to show that they are powerful and can do whatever they want in the Church, as long as they get applause from the world.
I hope Fr. in his humility know that he is to be counted among the sheep and not the wolves. Maybe our Lord is removing His people from among the wolves. Amen
This story made CNN. Unfortunately as any Catholic knows CNN is Satan's tool.
holyrope 3
The Bible makes it very clear what God thinks of those who reject the truth, or who denies that he is a sinner: "He who saith that he knoweth Him, and keepeth not His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." (Jn 2:4)

"Them that sin reprove before all: that the rest also have fear" (1Tim 5:20)
Holy Cannoli
In closing, I have a few questions for Barbara Johnson.

If you didn't want controversy at your mom's funeral, why did you inject your disordered relationship by introducing your lesbian partner to Fr. Guarnizo as your "lover?"

Why did you make a point of going to Communion after he told you not to knowing you would probably be refused? Who turned this into a media event and a witch hunt to end …
I really do believe that we are called to be Like God. "Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.: 1 John 4:8. The question in all of this is What is loving? I think the only person who can answer that is God.

It was loving for the priests to not give communion to ANY person in public sin because He should not subject Christ to that. |
It is also loving for a priest to be … 더보기
"Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
If Barbara, a former Catholic school teacher, hadn't considered that her orientation might be problem, I'm glad she is no longer teaching.
If anything this lesbian needs to apologize to Fr. Guarnizo. How dare she ask for his removal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a genuine Priest living a authentic Catholic life, something Johnson has no idea how to live. Johnson go get a clue you heretic!
Way to go father Guarnizo. We need holly sheperds, and not accomodating ones. We pray for you!

Resist it. The world is looking at what is happening in the USA with mother Church.

Greetings from Europe.
Holy Cannoli
One can understand how the story played out at the time and perhaps things could have been handled better. Who knows?

What is inexcusable is how quickly the Archdiocese caved and sided with the lesbian instead of this priest. That's B.S.

holyrope 3
If this is the case that the woman introduced her 'lover' to the priest just before the funeral...certainly appears as I stated below...These libs know whose who in the clergy, and they can't stand a priest who is going to stand ground with church teaching. This doesn't surprise me in the least...good priests are 'set up' to be 'shut up'...look at Fr. Michael Rodriguez. That's where we Catholics … 더보기
Holy Cannoli
According to one report the woman in question introduced a woman as being her “lover” to the priest just before the Mass. Yet, the Washington Archdiocese caved to political correctness and to the fallout that would result from militant sodomites after their being dissed.

Fr. Marcel Guarnizo should be appointed bishop because of his courage and his wiliness to defend the Body of Christ from … 더보기
holyrope 3
Thank you mrsreneoriordan...
May Father Guarnizo be blest for taking a stand as protector of the Faith.
holyrope 3
Another thing I forgot to mentioned, yet is the most important...while it is sad indeed to lose a loved one and have to go through the pain of the funeral,... which is more important... this daughters 'feelings' because she was refused communion or the sinful nature of those who defy Church teaching and cause Jesus such sorrow and grief as they dare to receive him. Sacrileges...forgive us our sins, O Lord.
holyrope 3
Now is the time we will see more good priests being persecuted and the sheeps and wolves will be separated.

The lesbian daughter had to know the Church's teaching on this, but because so many priests give communion to anyone why would she think she would be refused? Good for this priest! About time we start seeing some backbone used...

But in experience with these liberal lesbians,...this daugh… 더보기
Our Blessed Savior was already crucified once. Why deliver him into a dungeon of tortures (a heart stained by unrepentant sin) on purpose, once again? The priest acts, so to speak, as the warden of the Divine Prisoner of Love, therefore the priest must be careful of his Charge, not to betray Him, his God (and ours), to whom his own heart and soul is espoused.
Gloria.TV – News Briefs
Comments on the "apology" issued to the homosexual woman:

If someone wears their mortal sins on their sleeve, the priest is obliged to prevent sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion by that individual. He or she who receives unworthily eats and drinks judgment upon themselves. The priest was doing this woman a favor.

This is just part and parcel with the apostacy that has infected the Chur…
Holy Cannoli
The Eulogy?

This story is perfect for the lamestream media. They get to take yet another shot at the Catholic Church for being Catholic (gasp) and, once again, they continue their efforts to normalize homosexuality.
And the problem is?????????