Vatican Pressures Publishing House To Restrict Critical Book

Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli published in October with Fede&Cultura a book about the revelations of whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Its title: “The Viganò case — the dossier which unveiled the Church’s greatest internal scandal”. (November 4) reports that Bergoglio Church officials have pressured the publishing company to restrict future editions.

Fede&Cultura declared to be under “irresistible pressure” from within the Church not to publish anything else that would depict Francis in a bad light.

Dr Bobus
Francis is out of touch. Someone needs to tell him that the Church is not a South American dictatorship.
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Dr Bobus
Vatican presssure is not that relevant. is selling the Kindle edition. Perhaps soon it will be translated into English and sold via Kindle.