Radical Jesuit: New French Our Father Distorts Meaning

The French translation of the Our Father "let us not fall into temptation“ does not correspond to the Greek original text nor to the image of God in the Bible according to the German pro-gay Jesuit Father Klaus Mertes.

Talking to Deutschlandfunk (December 8) he argued that God led Christ into the desert "to be tempted" and that God "tempted" Abraham to offer his own son.

Mertes cannot accept the new French version of the Our Father which he calls a distortion. For him it is inconceivable that the centuries-old Our Father would be changed in an authoritarian way. Nevertheless, in the same interview, Mertes questions the existence of Satan.

You can't really expect a priest to both pray Our Father as Christ taught us AND acknowledge the existence of Satan. It's simply too much to ask...