Francis’ Airplane-Wedding Was Planned Beforehand

The wedding ceremony with Pope Francis in the airplane on January 18 was apparently not a “spontaneous idea” as claimed by Francis’ partisan Father Antonio Spadaro. The Chilean newspaper El Merc…
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I suppose he and his cronies thought this would be a perfectly HEARTWARMING event that would tug at the heartstrings of the faithful. Oh LOOK how 'sweet' is 'the Francis' for wanting to 'marry' these two in 'the Church' validly!! How he truly 'cares' about marriage, not to allow one more minute of their 'irregular' marriage, so let's do it right now!! On the plane!!! I guess they thought this … More
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@Dr Stuart Reiss Exsellent summary of the deseitful absurdities that Bergoglio infliktes upon our great Church.
God bless you.
How much did they pay them?