Now the Secret Commission Has a Face

Luca Maria Negro, the president of the Federation of the Evangelical Churches in Italy has announced on (January 10) that “2018 will be a crucial year for ecumenism in Italy and in the …
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No aderito, that is not the case, unfortunately. These 'Ecumenical' Masses will not really be Masses at all. They will be neutering the Consecration, so that the Protestants will not be 'offended' because they do not and have never bought into the Real Presence. The 'new' Consecration will be only a 'Communal Meal' and not a 'Sacrifice' at all. From what I have read, they intend to take the … More
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Thats good ,are they converting to catholicism ????
Dr Bobus
Permanent Board of Consultation?

If we've learned anything the past 50 years, it's that nothing is permanent in the Church.