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Francis’ Visit Brings Diocese on Verge of Bancrupcy

The diocese of Fribourg/Lausanne/Geneva, Switzerland, is in troubles after Pope Francis made the shorterm decision to visit the World Council of Churches in Geneva on June 21.

The official webpage writes that “the case is emblematic of the Vatican’s habits in organizing such a trip.”

Only in February, Bishop Charles Morerod of Fribourg was informed about the upcoming visit and of Francis’ wish to celebrated a public Mass whose entire organization and funding would be on the diocese. The announcement was giving under embargo so that the diocese could start organizing only in March.

The Mass will cost the diocese more than two million Swiss Francs/Dollars which is more than its annual budget. So far, the diocese was able to cover only a fourth of the cost. Most of the money goes for security.

The bishop’s call for donations from the parishes generated the amount of less than 25.000 Francs. writes that the Vatican does not contribute anything and, for unknown reasons, does not wish a collection during Francis’ Mass.

As a last resort, the diocese has asked its religious communities to start a novena to Saint Joseph.

Picture: © Mazur/ CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBuexafthxg
GJA Taylor
Just ask Humble Francis to rethink his visit, and to make it a private one to the WC of "c"'s then it should cost a few bob. The Swiss Catholics are making their views known with 25,000 collection for a 2 million humble debt! Good on em.
De Profundis
"... for a while, to labour is present to the Church, but, hereafter, it shall be to rejoice." - Saint Augustine
How many African children could be saved from the money spent on a single mass (I mean on the security of the Pope)...
The FSSP are there on good terms with the bishop. Was there some deliberation in Maximum Leader throwing his weight about?