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Indivual-Case Trick Produces "Moral Schizophrenia"

A recourse to an individual case can only be allowed if such a case is justifiable and not sinful, explains retired German theologian Hubert Windisch.

Writing on (February 8), Windisch refutes the idea of blessing gay pseudo-marriages or bigamous unions.

According to him the Church leaders are producing “moral schizophrenia”. They claim to validate the Church's previous teaching while legitimizing immoral exceptions, “It would be more honest to say: what was up to now, is no longer valid”, Windisch adds.

Picture: © Marko Vombergar, CC BY, #newsKvmmdatvxd
This is the Antéchrist-François' favourite trick that mixes everything with purpose and its opposite. The origin of all this is the "subsistit in" of Vatican II, which applies to dogma as well as to morality. Thus, thanks to this primordial heresy, marriage is indissoluble and soluble at the same time, the sacrament subsisting in part even in gay unions !!!

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