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Abolishing Celibacy: Break With Apostolic Tradition – Cardinal Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah criticized in a homily in Chartres (May 21), that “some” [Pope Francis and his allies] are engaging in abolishing celibacy due to “pastoral reasons”.

According to Sarah, a married priesthood would lead to serious consequences and be a “break with the Apostolic Tradition”.

And: “Then we would establish a priesthood according to human criteria but we do not sustain the priesthood of Christ, obedient, poor and chaste.”

Celibacy isn't a tradition it was a move by the church to find a solution for the problem of property and inheritance. There should be a tiered system just as found in the Orthodox churches. Few priests today maintain the vow of celibacy. It is not a rule established by Jesus. His apostles were married. This is truly against the word of God when he states a man is to leave his parents home and … More
Cardinal Sarah's sermon at the Chartres Pilgrimage: "Dear French pilgrims, look at this cathedral: your ancestors built it to proclaim their Faith, People of France, wake up!"