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Muezzin Call and Jewish Kaddish in Mechelen Cathedral

The Muezzin’s call to prayer and the Jewish Kaddish prayer will be performed in the Cathedral in Mechelen next Sunday.

The prayers are part of a concert given by five Belgian choirs. They will perform “The Armed Man - A Mass for Peace” by the British composer Karl Jenkins. reports (November 8) that the piece was performed in 2017 in St Laurentius church in Wuppertal, Germany. In this case, the Muezzin’s call was scheduled but finally cancelled by Cologne Archdiocese.

Picture: Sint-Romboutskathedraal, © PMRMaeyaert,, #newsJlywogucfy
May the Holy Ghost enter the corrupted minds of these evil men: the apostates, the muslims and the Jews! Veni Sancte Spiritus, et emitte cælitus lucis tuæ radium! Sine tuo numine, nihil est in homine, nihil est innoxium.
Sacrilege and heresy, but it is the Church Tax New Religion which squats in Catholic churches.
Joseph a' Christian
The podium is positioned so that, as a person reads from it, their ass is toward the Altar.
St. Francisco of Assisi, his brothers centuries ago, would walk out of our wonderful Churches backwards when they were leaving, to prevent their rear ends from being towards the Altar, that we offer to Almighty God, at any time.
As we know, the queer false priests of today, act profanely within these treme… More