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Pope Francis the Insulter Preaches Against Insults

Insulting is “a way of killing”, said Pope Francis in his October 17 general audience. He added that it would be wonderful if each of us could say: “I will never insult anyone.” In June 2016, Francis admitted that “we have a very creative vocabulary for insulting others”.

Francis may not be aware that there is a special webpage,, that collects the hundreds of insults he has used during his pontificate. Among them are:

Rigid, superficial, ideological or vagabond Christians
Long-faced, mournful funeral Christian
Mummified Christians
Old maid
Fomenter of coprophagia
Rosary counter
Self-absorbed Promethean
Slaves of superficiality
Museum mummy
Renaissance prince
Airport Bishop
Leprous courtier
Careerist Bishop
Pickled pepper-faced Christian
Little monster
Creed-reciting, parrot Christian
Inquisitorial beater
Abstract ideologue
Smarmy, idolator priest
Moralistic quibbler
Faraway contemplative
They have spiritual Alzheimer's
Terrorism of gossip
Soap bubble Christian

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Gesù è con noi
Fr John Hunwicke 25 October 2018: " I am not often speechless, but ...
... I have just read ... Holy Coprophilia!!! ... that PF has condemned those who insult others!!!!"
alex j
Then don't insult me Francis!!!!!
Hipocrisy lives well and proud in the Vatican
..."Faraway contemplative" also sounds pretty good.
I'm thinking I would like to be a "restorationist". Maybe i dont know the meaning. OR... maybe this like when you look at which movies the liberals hate in order to decide which one you want to see.
When pumped with pride, what keen sorrow,
To narcissist heart, an insult blow.
The saints of course had else to tell,
How suffering and insult served them so well.