Writing Off Whistle Blower Viganó as an Anti-Gay Traditionalist Won’t Fly

The attempt of the leftist Bergoglio media "to write off whistle blower Archbishop Viganò as an anti-gay traditionalist won’t fly", the Murdoch New York Post commented on September 15.

Contradicting this, the oligarch paper praises New York Cardinal Dolan who told CNN, “I do think we need to take Archbishop Vigano’s allegations seriously" [although they are very serious].

Dolan knew about the McCarrick abuses for decades but kept quiet because he is like most of the present bishops: They will fight for their career but not for the truth.

They still try and call him mental ill…
Dolan’s gotta go
Dolan has unleashed a wrecking ball, devastating the once tremendous N.Y. Catholic Schools.
Don’t forget that he was also the false bishop, who promoted and participated in the blasphemous, anti-Catholic themed fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum.
Jesus our Christ is sufficient, even through these horrible days.
God if this Archbishop has the truth on his side protect him
Joseph a' Christian likes this.
I feel badly. Forgive me for judging the Pope. I will continue to pray for him.. I have. I no right to say or judge him. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I need to go to confession. TMI sorry😞
De Profundis
Cardinal Dolan once served as Secretary to Pio Laghi, who received complaints about McCarrick's homosexual predation. Dolan knew.
Jim Dorchak
Well Dolan is a dolt. But he also fights for his passion.... homo sex!
Hey ya gotta get your ecclesiastical priorities right .... it IS about homo sex.