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Benedict XVI Accuses Church of Complicity With Nazi Crimes

The former Benedict XVI corresponded this summer with the Viennese Rabbi Arie Folger about a confusing article Benedict wrote in July about "the Jews".

According to (September 12), the former pope unilaterally accused "the Christians" of allegedly not having disputed "with due respect" for "the Jews" over different interpretations, for instance, of the Old Testament.

Ex Benedict XVI even repeated the historical lie that a “sad history of Christian anti-Judaism led to the anti-Christian anti-Judaism of the Nazis”, although the Nazis were anti-Catholic closing all monasteries, removed the crucifixes and incarcerating thousands of priests whereas the Church fought them and saved hundred thousands of Jews.

About the creation of the secular state of Israel, founded by atheists who expelled over a million local Palestinians, a state repudiated by faithful orthodox Jews, Benedict XVI said that this expresses "the fidelity of God to Israel revealed in a mysterious way”.

Finally, Benedict XVI claims that there is “much greater unity between Israel and the Church than ever before” although the Vatican has contact only with a small fringe of mainly liberal Jews with weak religious convictions.

Joseph a' Christian
@CarolineA03 - You are absolutely wrong Caroline, there are numerous tachings of our Lord Jesus in Holy Scripture that state, unbelieving jews are dead, satanic,
Simon and Levi for example, were dead from sin. Jesus is the singular WAY for Life. Simon and Levi fully believed in Christ Jesus, and were born again, Keffas Peter and Matthew.

Our Lord stated to the unbelieving jews that they are … More
CarolineA03 your false archeological premise is in line with i.e. Messianic Jews who do not convert to Catholicism affirming themselves in analoguous cognitive error. Fortunately, Saint Peter, Saint Paul and contemporary rabbis whom converted to Catholicism are proof that there is no " Jew nor Greek, .. for you all are one in Christ Jesus" as Paul has said...
["Christ is, was and always WILL BE … More
@mccallansteve PS There are about 500 prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament which clearly prove that Jesus Christ is their Messiah. Unfortunately - modern Bibles, both the Tanakh and OUR Catholic (and Protestant) Bibles have been in many cases, altered, to so that such prophecies are no longer obvious. Those that have done such a thing will occur a great punishment - since it is "Bearing … More
@mccallansteve No Christ did not say that - be careful - check it first.
It is the same problem we are having in our Church - NOT ALL Catholics are preaching
the false doctrines of Lucifer - just a few - but many have fallen OUTSIDE the Church yet still
believe themselves to be members of the Body of Christ. St John shortly after making these
statements is entering Synagogues to envangelise . … More
This is so clearly not authentically pronounced from the Chair of St Peter.

Christ is, was and always WILL BE Jewish! If this awful false shepherd tries to proclaim false views of the anti-Christ like this under the pretence of friendship let him and his stolen see resign properly and stop pretending he is acting under some assumed "Papal Infallabilty"

This statement proves assuredly he is not! … More
This sounds like a double of Benedict XVI used by the pro jew Vatican
Joseph a' Christian
This from a member of the Hitler youth
. Ratzinger attended Vatican II, in a suit and tie, although he was a priest. By my memory, Ratzinger associated with infamous heretiks at the Vatican II rebellion.
The jew talmud expresses their extreme hatred of our Lord Jesus. They write lies against the holy virgin Mary, stating that she was a prostitute.
Jesus Is Truth.
Benedict doubted the historicity of the Jews in at the trial of Jesus in Matthew cursing themselves. Nowhere as appalling as the Argentine atheist but a Modernist nonetheless.
Christ called the Jews the ," Synogogue of Satan". I doubt Benedict agrees.
The Jews are enemies of God and foes of our holy religion.
~ Padre Pio