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How Is Funded has no employees but is nevertheless much bigger and more frequented than most commercial Catholic websites. We are defending the Catholic faith and this attracts a fast growing number of users, not least in South America. is not a business, it’s an apostolate. However, it produces operational costs that feel astronomical for us (about $ 100.000 in 2017). Unlike the liberal "Catholic" media we are not funded by wealthy interest groups in order to promote a liberal ideology. lives solely from small private donations by pious Catholics.

If there is a way for you to help us, please do so. We need your support to run the biggest and still growing Catholic apostolate on the internet.

Please, help us during this Lent

Proof positive we all need to stay with and support and bring others along., thank you for not algorithm-ing us into non-existence!
@Ave Crux, This "very high costs" are in reality very little compared to the needs of other projects. E.G. In 2017 we paid € 26,000 only for servers / computers and data centers.
Ave Crux
Could you kindly provide information concerning these very high costs, as you indicate you have no employees. I would like to donate and would appreciate more information about the nature of your costs.