Archdiocese Angers Parish with Abuse Accusations Against Priest

Modernist Father Ulrich Hennes, 56, was until March the dean of Düsseldorf, Germany, when Cologne Cardinal Woelki threw him under the bus.

Woelki announced that Hennes was accused of a 2012 “sexual molestation” of an adult and reported it to police. But Woelki was not lucky. The prosecutor dropped all charges. Nevertheless, Woelki didn't lift Hennes’ suspension [likely to save his own face].

At this point, the archdiocese claimed that Hennes’ suspension was the Vatican's fault who was now in charge of his case. But on July 15, the archdiocese had to admit that this was not true.

The eight members of Hennes’ parish council found out about this only from the media.

They wrote in a letter to the archdiocese, that “we do not understand why an unverified suspicion was disclosed to the public” and qualifie the behavior of the archdiocese as “irresponsible.”

Picture: Rainer Maria Woelki, © StagiaireMGIMO, CC BY-SA, #newsBtblqpwilu
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The goal is destroying priesthood. It's masonry, smash throne and altar. They are anti-western Hulks: they see a dignity, a priest, and, automatically, they hit the switch: "smash, Hulk, smash"...