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French Diocese Allows SSPX To Use Their Churches

The Society of St Pius X is renovating its chapel in Nantes, France, and is allowed to use other Catholic churches during this time.

The two Sunday Masses are celebrated in the beautiful church l'Immaculée which was built in the 15th century and is located 300 metres from the cathedral.

Most dioceses treat the Society of St Pius X as if they were excommunicated. The bishop of Nantes is Monsignor Jean-Paul James who is not known for being an ultra-Catholic.

Picture: Chapelle Notre Dame de l'Immaculée Conception, Nantes, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsLpdyjqxxoy
Josephmary one argument ["...July 2018, the name of the electee will be sent to the Roman authorities for ratification, as is required of church groups under the 1983 New code of New canon Law..."] without reference is worth investigating. I do read you overfocus on judgmental style and attacks towards bp Fellay. Your valuable arguments are hidden between abundance of accidentals. Analogous to … More
There is a lot of info. On the sspx you just need to find it. Bernie Fellay' is a Trader like all leaders before they leave office they place as many cronies in positions as possible so as to carry on the cause or derail the new leadership.
Michel Smoulin of Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX
Really Put His Foot in His Mouth by Publicly Stating
That the church of the New Order
Which the Neo-SSPX's Superior-Dictator Fellay Longs to Join
Is Emerging as a "Protestant Sect"
The Emergence Already Took Place in 1965 after the Vatican II Anti-council
That Is Why Archbishop Lefebvre Founded the Original SSPX in 1970
Which Fellay Reorganized in 1994 … More
.Father Christian Bouchacourt, District Superior of Bernie Fellay's Neo-SSPX for France, reveals that, once a Superior-general is elected for the Neo-SSPX n July 2018, the name of the electee will be sent to the Roman authorities for ratification, as is required of church groups under the 1983 New code of New canon Law. The Neo-SSPX has never bent the knee to Newrome in this way ever before. Is … More
In the news on Mr Bernard Fellay
There's more than enough evidence of Mr Bernard Fellay going to Rome to make deals with the Vatican if you have been following his escapades. In the news.

Fr. Christian Bouchacourt, Bernie Fellay's Puppet in France
Has Let the Cat out of the Bag
The New Superior-general to Be Elected for the Neo-SSPX in July 2018
Who Is Fully Expected to Be Fellay Again for a … More
Dr Bobus
In Germany there are SSPX priests who hear Confessions in diocesan parishes
The time has come for harsh words and action against freemansons priests bishops and popes. The time has come for a great strike against this abomination and desecration of the church. Strike quit your jobs if you work for them send no more money to there fake causes. No more support not even the collection basket on Sunday. Nothing they get nothing not your money nor your labor less you incur a … More
Rafael_ docile modernists and progressives are infertile only on holy ground. And they are not on Holy ground in today's church. Therefore they flourish in the unholy soil of their inequity. Make no mistake they are united Strong and determined to put a end to us.
If you have read leo 13 encipacals on the freemanson in the church that he goes in great detail you would know that in no way are … More
Rafal_ docile because I do my research. My heart is as broke n as yours maybe more so over this. Just wait it will happen soon enough. You won't have to wait long. If you search the net you will find---- I said you WILL FIND info. On this Trader.
Josephmary do you know modernists and progressives are infertile. Vocations are dropping record low and Churches destroyed what Bp. Fellay is aware of. Your suspicions are understandable seeing how universal indlult - Franciscans of the Immaculate - trying to celebrate LTM are rejected. However, I find no explanation for your rudimentary remarks in contrast to basic "savoir-vivre" and Catholic … More
Mr Bernard Fellay Please please I Beg you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ PLEASE DROP DEAD.
Tell me Mr Bernard Fellay, of the SSPX. What hidden Secret deal did you work out with the reprobate Francis to sell out the sspx. A nice little retirement nest egg complete with a years membership with " Rent a Boy"

What Exchange was made for your complicity in having the 2 candidates on the advice of the polluted Sea of peter Mr Francis and his cronies.
What mr Bernard Fellay did you get for …
Jeremiah 17:5.
This is what the LORD says: "Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

The greatest loss of this abomination of desolation is the loss of the Holy Sacrifice of the Alter and who weeps who ?!!? No one
What can be said of the sspx capitulation to the new order church of today ? How deep does the pain run the suffering go. How can one put into words such a great loss from a broken heart Lord I cry out for you and you alone. As is said, cursed is he who trusts in man.