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Sad Fact: Pope Francis Is An Ally Of the Devil

The British Guardian (February 26) writes that the Italian politician Emma Bonino, an Italian mass-murderer and militant propagandist for abortion, can, in contrast to her fight against the Church forty years ago, "count on at least one ally: Pope Francis”.

The article features Bonino’s present militance in favour of mass-immigration, after she successfully campaigned for the introduction of euthanasia in Italy. Although she is no medical professional, Bonino performed according to her own witness over 10.000 illegal abortions. She is one of the most sinister figures in the history of Italy.

Bonino told the Guardian “with a grin” that she is in touch with Francis, “We have some connections, so we pass messages quite often, through friends.”

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Maudie N Mandeville
Ally of the Devil? Pope says there is no hell. No wonder Francis is so worried about the homeless. Perhaps he'll let him board at Casa Santa Marta.
De Profundis
If they could go back in time, I wonder how many would change their votes?
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Jim Dorchak
How come she is not pictured with her broom?