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Cardinal Burke Is “Very Content to Be Called a Traditionalist”

Cardinal Raymond Burke has said that “I am very content to be recognized as a traditionalist because our faith reaches us through Tradition".

Talking to the Macau newspaper O Clarim (December 15) Burke explained Tradition as the transmission of the Faith by means of the Apostolic Ministry in an uninterrupted line that reaches back to the Apostles.

“For that reason I am delighted to be called a traditionalist, because I hope I am able to serve Tradition in my thought and in my priestly ministry. Tradition is Christ Himself.”

Picture: Raymond Burke © Wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsGfwchttqek
Let's be clear" Burke is not a traditionalist. He offers the protestanized Novus Ordo. He is one of many neo traditionalists and as Stonka Z. has pointed out not formally made a correction to Francis.
Stonka Ziemniaczana
Where is your AL correction card. Burke?