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Francis As Gay Prostitute - No Atonement Needed

During a gay march in Bergamo, Italy, on May 20, homosexuals mocked Pope Francis as a gay prostitute.

In order to make atonement for the abomination, a prayer of reparation was supposed to take place on May 21 in the Church of the Capuchins in Bergamo. But the prayer was undermined.

According to, the "ecclesiastical authority" [Bergamo diocese] convinced the provincial of the Capuchins to withdraw the permission to use the church.

Stonka Ziemniaczana
Francis is definitely is not a gay prostitute. But he is definitely a gay supporter.
But ........
Gay supporter = Satan worshiper.
Pope Francis Has "Transsexuals Close To His Heart"

They do not ridicule Bergoglio but the papacy using one of them.
Because Bergoglio himself congratulated a gay NGO of Argentine transvestite prostitutes who works in a Catholic monastery in Neuquén. "Vidas Escondidas (Hidden lives)" that was founded by the gay militant Carmelite nun Mónica Astorga Cremona in union with prostitute gay … More