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Cardinal Tobin Wants Women Cardinals

Modernist Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin doesn’t believe that there’s a "compelling theological reason" why the Pope couldn’t name a woman cardinal.

Talking to the New York Times (December 22) Tobin argued that in the 19th century there were lay people who were cardinals. At the same time Tobin conceded that “maybe my theology isn’t sophisticated enough”.

In the past cardinals were at least given the tonsure by which they became clerics. They were either created a cardinal on the condition of being ordained or they lost the cardinalate by getting married.

Picture: Joseph William Tobin © Adsderrick, CC BY-SA, #newsXyfqwpasbc
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"Cardinal Joseph Tobin doesn’t believe that there’s a "compelling theological reason" why the Pope couldn’t name a woman cardinal."

Neither in the Old Covenant or during the New Covenant has our Lord ever Ordained women Priests, Bishops or Cardinals. That is the law. You'd better submit to it, as "Outside the Church there is no Salvation."

Since you are a Novus Ordo Cardinal, you perhaps identi… More
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Are cardinal Tobin and cardinal Dolan related? just kidding...
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Then join one of the many protestant man made religions that suit you. Fake Orders, fake religion - you can do what you want. Clearly you are no longer a Catholic.
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One can only hope that this spiritual illiterate will learn how to be silent.
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Mama's boys usually want women to rule the world, right, cardinal?
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You may give your place to one ,for starts . looks like he needs a bit of exercise ,so blood can flow back to his brains
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Jim Dorchak
Where do Cardinals, Bishops and Priests go when they have been bad?
Oh yea HELL..... unless you are bishop Barron..............
Sr. Kyran Hennessy (My 5th grade fully habited teacher) would have made Modernist Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin write on the board 200 times,"Thow shall not tell a lie".... and then she would call his parents and then when he got home he would get a spanking so bad he … More
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