Benedict Slams “Theology of Pope Francis”

Finally the whole letter has been published which Benedict XVI wrote to Monsignor Dario Viganò, the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications, in response to a request to write an introduction to eleven booklets entitled “Theology of Pope Francis”. In his letter Benedict politely declined the offer.

Earlier this week Viganò published selected parts of the letter giving the impression that Benedict had lauded Francis and his "theology".

The until recently unpublished parts of the letter contain a bombshell because Benedict XVI criticises the fact that the anti-Catholic German theologian Fr Peter Hünermann is among the authors of the booklets. This is what Benedict wrote:

"As a side note I would like to express my surprise at the fact that among the authors there is also Professor Hünermann, who during my pontificate made himself known for heading anti-papal initiatives. He participated to a significant extent in the publication of the "Kölner Erklärung", which, in the context of the encyclical Veritatis Splendor attacked in a virulent manner the magisterial authority of the Pope especially on questions of moral theology. Also the 'Europäische Theologengesellschaft' which he founded, was initially thought of as an organization in opposition to the papal magisterium."

Picture: Vatican News, #newsAryouodzkx
Breitbart has made a very good point about this scandal: The Vatican’s manipulation of the photograph, which the Associated Press (AP) said “violated photojournalist industry standards,” came just two months after Pope Francis railed against disinformation and “fake news” in his annual Message for the World Day of Communications.
This is what Team Bergoglio can do with a single letter. Who considers them worthy of trust to deal with the Lectionary, Canon Law, the Roman Missal or the Catechism?
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This is a disaster for Team Francis. No use blaming it on one individual: it’s the rotten culture surrounding the current pontificate.
Lisi Sterndorfer
When God liberates the Church from this calamity (peronism), we will owe something to this journalist, Sandro Magister
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Creeds must disagree: it is the whole fun of the thing. If I think the universe is triangular, and you think it is square, there cannot be room for two universes. We may argue politely, we may argue humanely, we may argue with great mutual benefit: but, obviously, we must argue.
every time someone turns on a light the darkness disapears
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Doctor: "You have a malignant tumor. If we cut it out now, you might survive."
Conservative Bishop: "Is there a chance it could simply disappear?"
Doctor: "Far more likely is that it will kill you."
Conservative Bishop: "So, you're saying there is a chance."
This is a ruinous revelation in terms of credibility. Ruinous.
The missing paragraph is Benedict's own "footnote"
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Fiel A La Verdad
Again, this is Francis's procedure known from Amoris Laetitia, done with Thomas Aquinas: half-quotations that change the meaning to its opposite.
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Broke: Benedict XVI loves Francis
Woke: He is really old and couldn't comment on the nice books and we were being protective of that with blurring and stuff
Bespoke: You don't even know who Hünermann is, probably
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Given the parlous state of their financial it any wonder we see such levels of duplicity?
Don Reto Nay
Benedict XVI was perhaps so explicit because he found out that Hünermann was on Francis' list for the next consistory .
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