Roe v. Wade movie: "We will all go to school a little bit"

Actor John Voight (left) who plays SCOTUS Justice Warren Burger said about the Roe v. Wade movie: “This moment — it is the tenor of the times that there is a lot of emotion and not an awful lot of scholarship — looking into things and finding the truth. So the thing is to encourage everybody to look for the truth. This will help. And that is why I did it. I said this is going to help. We will all go to school a little bit. "

Writer Nick Loeb (right) maintains the production and direction of the film remain neutral also adding, “A lot of people do not want to hear the truth, they do not want to know the real story, people are afraid of it and twisted.”

Nick Loeb has himself had to face the truth in the most serious of cases. He is currently embroiled in a terrible, scandalous legal battle over the fate of his own children, frozen as embryos, his [former] partner, Sofía Vergara fighting for her children to be destroyed.

The Roe v. Wade movie is expected to be released in March 2019.
Terrible awakening, hard times are necessary... The world is Saint Augustin's De Beata Vita...
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