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Pope Francis Will Impose New Lectionary and Calendar on the Traditional Mass

Francis will impose the lectionary and the calendar of the New Mass on the traditional Rite, reliable sources close to the Holy See told Pro Tridentina Malta. Beginning with the First Sunday of Adve…
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Rorate-Caeli denied the news. But Pro Tridentina Malta reaffirms it:…/rorate-caeli-ti…

(besides: the sly leaking of reliable deets about New Catholic / Rorate is also lovely)
if it goes against the Gospel and catholic doctrine ,we will resist
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...other reliable sources are saying this report from Pro Tridentina Malta is not true. Time will tell...
Bergoglio knows that this is impossible if he does not promulgate a New Missal in the traditional Rite which he will never do. So a lot of water will rinse down the Tiber.