Fake-News Outlet Lies about Steve Bannon and Cardinal Martino

Fake news has claimed that Cardinal Renato Maria Martino allegedly “objected” to Steve Bannon’s plans to create a center of political formation in the former Trisulti abbey, near Rome.

The canard has been widely republished by other outlets. Bannon is a former White House Chief Strategist, hated by the oligarch press.

The webpage rehashed Martino’s January resignation letter – allegedly “obtained by Politico" - as the honorary president of the Dignitatis Humanae Institute which organizes the new center.

Martino, 86, retired for age reasons.

The resignation letter was not "obtained by Politico" but has been available on the Institute’s webpage since January.

The article is a shameless contortion of the letter's content. Politico wasn't even able to indicate the letter's January 28 date, indicating instead January 29. The author of the fraudulent article is Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli.

For months, Italian ex-Communist activists have tried to denigrate and undermine the project.

Picture: Steve Bannon, © Michael Vadon, CC BY, #newsTutnpoqhvk