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Vienna Western Mass 2011 Is Cancelled

( This afternoon Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna cancelled the Vienna Western Mass scheduled for June 26th.

Michael Prüller, a spokesman for the archdiocese confirmed this to

Before the decision was taken, Cardinal Schönborn held a meeting with his council.

The council decided unanimously that it is appropriate to replace the Mass with a prayer service.
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It is understandable that this unusual type of gathering is intended to get ("strayed") people back into the Catholic faith. However, there are too many things that have been foregone to even begin to justify it. Surely there are better, more formal ways of getting people interested back into the faith in this type of informal environment than this. For example if they had set aside a more appropriate environment, such as a special tent facility which was set apart, and seperate from this … [More]

+Actually probably better to offer the sacrament of confession outdoors on Saturday as a witness. I've seen it done on a secular college campus. Hope the portion of the faithful who I presume were the primary audience can now get to another Holy Mass on Sunday.

I personally wrote to his Eminency in order to convey my concern about the style of the Western mass. I am happy that is has been called off because in my view it is improper to consume foods and drinks during mass. The only devine food and drink to be celebrated during the Holy Mass is that of the Holy Eucharist which embodies our Lord. I just couldn't imagine people munching away at their sandwiches and gulping down their beer during mass. Thanks to you all, his kind Eminency got the message.

Well done Gloria TV: Excellent news that this:Abomination of Abominations (Western Mass) has been cancelled!
Laudate Jesu Christi

Good news

Well done

Dem Himmel sei Dank! Halleluja!

Excellent!!! Alleluia!!

Deo gratias! I'm glad the Cardinal came to his senses but this ain't the end of this Novus Ordo nonsense.

This is great news but it begs the question. Why is stuff like this even happening under the nose of a Bishop of the Church? Would he have cancelled it if there was not a public campaign exposing it? How could such an abusive "mass" even be considered legitimate by some of the leaders of the Church? I pray that Benedict will continue to clean out the filth and may he live to be a 110 years of age.

Thank you Gloria for "taking up arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing ending them" it could never have been done without your work - Blessings - Rene

Bendito sea Dios la cancelaron [More]

Glory to God, that Cardinal Schönborn cancelled the Vienna Western Mass.


Sono contento di essere cancellati un abuso liturgico!!!!
I'm glad to be canceled a liturgical abuse !!!
Fico feliz de ser cancelado um abuso litúrgico !!!
Je suis heureux d'être annulées un abus liturgiques !!! GLORIA A DIOS !!!!***************

Praise be to Jesus Christ! Thank heavens this was cancelled....

Eu aconselho o Indignant Catholic tomar cuidado quando fala dos outros, principalmente quando se refere a altas autoridades porque uma hora dessas voce tera que responder por sua lingua solta
boca fechada nao entra mosca.
Rese ao inves de ficar matracando contra os outros

Salave Maria


Thanks be to God that common sense prevails.

Thankyou Gloria TV for your campaign of prayer and petition. God bless you in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.