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Either Carnevale or Communion

Last Sunday a woman, masked and dressed in a carnival costume, wanted to receive Holy Communion in the church San Moisè in Venice, Italy. The priest refused to give her Communion after he had asked her to remove the mask and she refused.

Talking to (February 7), Monsignor Giuseppe Camilotto of the basilica San Marco in Venice called it a provocation to present oneself in a Carnevale costume for the reception of Holy Communion.

Picture: San Moisè, Venice, © Didier Descouens , CC BY-SA, #newsQvpkeezcxx
Well done Monsignor Camilotto .Has to be more respect in the house of the Lord
Monsignor Giuseppe Camilotto. Why are you wearing a 8 pointed star symbol of freemansons.

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You're perfectly free to choose, but you must choose one or the other.
Its what the new mass has inspired what do you expect